Todd Davies


Android progress wheel

I’ve always felt that the default progress wheel on Android is naff (well on versions 3.0+ it gets a bit better I suppose). I wanted a smoother, more styleable┬áversion so I made one.

It’s on GitHub – go and check it out!


The Schooltraq Android app is my most successful programming project to date (at the time of writing). It has thousands of downloads on the Google Play store and broadly pleasing reviews, I am very pleased with it.

The app is in active development, Brandon and I have lots in store for Schooltraq.

Play store

Othello AI

I made an Othello AI in Java and Javascript. While looking at universities to study CS at, I found that this was a first year project at one (I can’t remember which) university so I decided to have a go.

The AI isn’t that sophisticated, it plays the move that will gain it the most counters, and seems to be bias to playing towards the bottom right, however it has beaten me a few times!

The web version can also use local storage to save and load games (stored in JSON format).

Have a go at the demo web version.

Reccy It!


Reccy It! is an app I made (for iOS and Android) while working at 2AM media. It is a photo organising app primarily aimed at people in the creative industry. It features include a custom camera interface, organisation of photos into projects and geolocation. The iOS app is iPhone and iPad friendly, taking advantage of cutting edge features of iOS 5.

App store

Play store


  • 5 star – I love great apps and I love free apps. This is both. (iOS App store)